Mission and goals:

The Festival Internazionale del “Cinema Povero” was established in 2014 with the aim of contributing to the knowledge and diffusion of cinematographic art and honor all who make it possible.

It is a Festival that wants to give priority and visibility to artists who, with their creative expression through cinema, manage to produce jobs with zero or low budget.


Our philosophy:

Rewarding and promote indipendent cinema by providing all the resources of the annual Festival, retrieved through the sponsorship and contribution of registration.

We were born as “Cinema Povero” and we want to stay like this.

We are a volunteering service that we carry out it with passion hoping to involve more young people and conquer them to this art in which our nation has always played a leading role. We do not want to end up under the “customary” spotlight, we do not want the opinions of the “common” experts because our inspiration and honest and uncompromising judgements reach us directly the “base” that follow us since the beginning.

The protagonists are always and only the autors of the work we receive.